A Guide to Trade Credit Insurance

A practical and accessible industry-wide reference on Trade Credit Insurance, written by a team of industry experts
This compact volume is a practical guide for anyone interested in Trade Credit Insurance. The International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) presents an approachable but detailed guide written collaboratively by carefully selected industry experts. The guide describes the ‘lifeline’ of the credit insurance product, from the initial application stage to the expiration phase of the policy, including practical use aspects for credit managers. The volume offers compact information on the history of trade, the need for protection against trade credit risks, and solutions offered by credit insurance providers. The focus is on short term credit, including whole turnover policies and single risk policies.

Suitable for anyone interested in Trade Credit Insurance, from credit managers to policymakers.

Key selling points
* Collaboration of a diverse group of experts from top organizations around the world
* Written in an approachable style, accessible to the non-specialist
* Includes extended glossary of key terminology
* Includes a list of relevant resources for further reading

Publishing Date:
1 June 2015
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 200 pages
Price: £50.00 / $80.00
ISBN: 9781783084821

The book is now available at
Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Anthem Press.
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A lower-priced e-book is now also available for sale from Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Anthem Press.

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